The back story to our name is from a regular contributor and editor. Tune in:

I’m really shy in class, especially about my opinion on world wide social topics. So today in religion I talked about how I disagreed with the Muslim ban after one of my peers said, “It’s not that big of a deal.” And someone was like, “Wow… she speaks.”

Wow…She Speaks is looking for art, poetry, essay, and personal narratives from high school students on any topic, though we tend to favor pieces that are written in the spirit of Audre Lorde’s belief that the personal is political. But, if you have a savage breakup poem, we want that too. We also welcome pieces that speak in more than one language.

We aren’t going to say “girls only,” but we will say that if you write for us, you take on an identity of “she.” What does it mean to be a “she” ?

  • recognizing that voices of girls everywhere are often silenced and your work does not perpetuate this cultural norm.
  • acknowledging that women’s rights are human rights – go allies!
  • valuing intersectional feminism, which is “understanding social identities and related systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination”
  • remaining open to reading and promoting work that differs from your own world views
  • TL;DR: We want ALL voices that work toward a more just & inclusive public space for art and takes seriously the concerns, values, and emotions of teens.

We post original work alongside art and writing that inspire us. If you plan to submit, we suggest reading through some posts to familiarize yourself with what might suit the voice of Wow…She Speaks.

Submissions must be emailed to

**Please include your first name and bio in the body of the email. Subject lines should state what genre you are submitting for. Please proofread your work. 🙂

Art: 3 images as PDF
Poetry: up to 5 poems attached as .doc or .docx files
Essay: up to 2 essays on any topic attached as .doc or .docx files
Personal narratives: max 1000 words attached as .doc or .docx files

We will try to publish 5-10 pieces of art,  5-10 poems, 1-3 essays, and 1-3 personal narratives per two weeks.

**We only published under first names. Bios are two sentences.
Example: Angie loves cats. She is concerned about animal welfare and wants to work with the national parks someday.